About Us

About Us

Safe T Professionals is a successful Environmental, Health and Safety staffing augmentation firm with services available worldwide. Our skilled professionals are experienced in the areas of safety management, and safety-related engineering. All Safe T Professionals associated are thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and dedicated to success through adherence to OSHA standards, and state/local laws.

Safety T Professionals has provided services to various industries, such as:

What Makes Safe T Professionals Different?

Safe T Professionals has proven past performance of successfully supporting fortune 100 companies in new construction, manufacturing and the Federal Government (Departments of Energy, Defense, and others) with trained and certified safety staff augmentation services and consulting needed in the execution of those company’s’ safety missions.

With our in-house Environment, Health and Safety divisions, we take responsibility for ensuring a safe work environment including: sign off and management for work planning and control; confined space; hot work; excavation; electrical safety; fall protection; cranes, ladder safety; PPE; lead and asbestos.

Our Mission

We strive to ensure that each work site and those working are as safe as we would have our own homes and families. We treat all of our clients and associates with the utmost respect and dignity. Ultimately, we believe that PEOPLE are the most important thing. Life is priceless and we understand that every detail on a work site is vital to the preservation of our most precious commodity, people.

Our Core Values

Safety is our most important core value and our people are the most important assets. Without them, our business would not run. It is vital our people and yours remain healthy and safe, returning safe and sound to their home each day. Safe T Professionals is guided by 5 core principles, safety, loyalty, compassion, excellence, and stewardship.


At Safe T Professionals, we care about the safety of your team. We are in the business of helping your company avoid potential incidents so everyone can return home safe.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well. We will guide your company’s safety policies and training with meticulous precision. It’s in our DNA, and we know that the devil is in the details.


We are loyal to our employees and to our clients. Safety on the job is made better through loyalty and togetherness. For efficient safety performances, teams need to be: accountable, loyal, and committed. We practice what we preach, so we do our best to set the ideal example of loyalty.


It’s in the name, and it’s in our hearts. Life is priceless, which means that inevitably, safety isn’t about saving time or saving money (though a safe workplace is an efficient workplace)– it’s about saving lives. All of our training and consulting always comes back to the central idea of keeping people safe in dangerous industries.


Safe T Professionals embodies the principles of responsible planning and management. Responsible management of resources, including people (our most valuable resource) and the environment are key concentrations for us.

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