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OSHA is one of the many regulatory agencies that you as a business owner must consider as you go about your daily operations. Other agencies include the Environmental Protection Agencies, among many other regulatory agencies in the US. A call from any of these agencies can be worrisome and intimidating, especially since failure to conform can lead to hefty penalties or even business closure. 

You should not go through the lengthy list of OSHA regulations by yourself, as often; you could miss something and end up in trouble. Look for a team of national safety compliance professionals that will be your advocate in the face of the compliance officers and answer any questions you may have.

We at Safe T Professionals offer safety compliance services to make the next OSHA inspection less stressful. We prepare a thorough safety compliance management plan to prepare you for any upcoming inspections and guide you through the upcoming OSHA inspection.

The OSHA Inspection Checklist

This checklist is almost the main reason why you want a professional safety compliance company working with you. OSHA inspections are in-depth and comprehensive, covering all critical areas of safety. You, therefore, require constant monitoring and improvement of all your industrial processes. 

Thankfully, the OSHA checklist is readily available, and it should help you carry out a thorough safety audit to ensure that all areas of your workplace are in order. Among the national safety compliance aspects that OSHA compliance officers check, include:

In addition to these aspects, OSHA insists that businesses keep a record of all incidents and accidents that occur within the confines of the workplace. These records are an indication that you value safety and are taking steps to improve it. Our compliance officers are glad to help you with these and all other aspects of OSHA compliance.

OSHA Audits

When it comes to OSHA compliance, you are right to have some worries, which is why you should have an in-depth safety audit done beforehand. A safety audit is the only way to tell how you would do in an OSHA inspection and determine what needs to be altered or overhauled to improve your outcome. 

Our compliance safety consulting professionals will gladly carry out a thorough safety audit, starting with an inspection of industrial processes and policy, evaluation of written safety strategies and identifying any physical hazards.

OSHA training

You cannot enforce OSHA regulations in your company without your employees; thus, OSHA training is part of our safety compliance services. OSHA training, in addition to being mandatory, is another way to avoid accidents and educate your employees on their part in ensuring a safe working environment. This training should provide information on all the reasons why wearing personal protective equipment is so vital, and an avenue for them to ask any questions about or voice clarifications on any emergency protocols you have in place.

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We Help you keep up with evolving OSHA regulations

Just like technology, OSHA keeps its regulations often changing to ensure they remain relevant and facilitate safety in an equally dynamic workplace. What you thought was safe in 1977, therefore, may not be safe in 2020. Our safety compliance officers specialize in OSHA guidelines and therefore it’s their duty to keep up with OSHA’s changing regulations and ensure that our clients remain up to date with them.

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Hire a qualified complance officer to handle and reduce your OSHA citations

If your company has been cited by OSHA, you need a reliable partner to help you deal with the ramifications of the citation and beat the abatement deadlines. A citation penalty can cost $7000+, and repeated violations can cause even worse penalties, up to $125,000+! The best approach to dealing with an OSHA citation and any questions arising from one is to have a professional compliance officer handle it. 

Our staff will help you evaluate the citations, participate in the informal conference to abate the citation, reduce its severity, or hopefully, reduce the dollar penalty amount.

Complying with OSHA is not only a requirement by the law; it is also good for employee well-being. OSHA’s mandate is to reduce the possibility of accidents in your company and provide a safe working environment for them. Contact us at Safe T Professionals for more information about our compliance services today.