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Environmental Safety

There’s no denying that environmental safety is one of the critical areas of health and safety practices. It consists of defense mechanisms that help protect people and the environment with a laser focus on preventive measures. These can be anything from policies to procedures that ensure the well-being of people in a specific area.

Although environmental safety does not only take place outdoors, it may include containment and storage of potentially toxic chemicals and proper waste disposal, among other things. Sometimes, environment safety and health will comprise of analyzing environments and hazardous agents in elements that may affect safety.

As a reputable environmental staffing company, Safe T Professionals strives to ensure that your worksite and those working there are safe at all times. For that reason, we offer a wide range of safe environmental solutions that include (but not limited to):

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Different Areas of Environmental Safety

Environmental safety is a vast and vague field. However, it has three distinct subcategories areas. These include:

Environmental control – this category deals with preventing pollution and other potential threats to the environment or anyone around. The control measures imposed help eliminate triggers that induce the adverse reaction as well as reduce the conditions that sustain it. The most common offenders include variations in factors such as noise, vibration, air quality, airflow, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and temperature. Perfect examples of environmental control measures include proper management of waste materials or preventing the dumping of chemicals.

Occupational health and safety (OSH) – this is another category that focuses on the health, safety and welfare of people at work. As a multidisciplinary field, its sole objective is to help mitigate risks that may result from gases/fumes, dangerous chemicals and any other potential threat to the health and safety of employees. Besides employees, OSH may also protect co-workers, employers, customers, family members and anybody else who might be affected by the workplace environment.

Chemical safety – this is the last category. It primarily concerns the use, safe storage, disposal, and so on of different chemicals with an attempt to minimize risks of exposure to chemicals in any environment. Typically, chemical safety covers all chemicals, whether manufactured or natural. It will also include a full range of exposure situations from their synthesis or extraction, industrial production, transport use, disposal, to the natural existence of chemicals in the environment.

Overall, environmental safety is controlled by municipal, state, and federal government laws and regulations. That’s perhaps the main reason why all organizations must comply with all the rules put in place.

Why you need to observe Environmental safety

Environmental safety is critical. It helps organizations uphold their legal obligations to observe environment health and safety practices. On top of this, it helps prevent possible liabilities as well as a moral obligation.

Although environmental safety requires companies to spend money in a bid to stay compliant with the stipulated rules and regulations, it is critical. There are consequences of failing to comply, which could lead to negligence. Sometimes, it may lead to potential moral hazards in failing to observe environmental safety practices as well as liabilities in civil suits.

For example, if you look up a listing of SUPERFUND sites across the country, you will notice that most of them exist mainly because of wrongdoing and negligence in environmental safety practices primarily on the part of different corporations. That means that cleaning up or rehabilitating these sites will end up costing taxpayers a lot of money.

In any country, environmental negligence is a great mistake. It has continuously contributed to the depletion of natural resources, degradation of air, and of course, global warming. The good news is that taking proper environmental safety measures can help avert the effects mentioned above.

Insufficient environmental safety and health is known to be the leading cause of some of the worst human-made disasters. These disasters often lead to expensive lawsuits and sometimes compensation to workers, residents near a business location, or even huge penalties by regulatory authorities.

Much like with any other form of safety or compliance, you need to observe proper environmental safety at all times. This, in turn, helps you ensure the safety of your employees as well as those residing in the locality. What’s even better, it helps reduce liabilities while still protecting your most essential assets – your workers.

The best thing is that observing environmental safety is super easy. All it takes is following a simple set of specific practices and procedures. Regardless of the policies and processes involved, the ultimate goal aims for a cleaner, safer worksite. While establishing goodwill with those living around your business location, and stay on the right side of employees and regulators.

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Our Health and safety accident investigation services

At Safe T Professionals, we believe that injuries, accidents, or even fatalities are inevitable at the workplace. The goal is to create a preventative safety culture so you can avoid as many as possible. What’s even worse, their impact can echo many years depending on severity. No matter how minor, an incident can render an employee unable to provide for their loved ones and even cost the employer vast sums of money. With that in mind, we strive to help organizations achieve the required health and safety standards at a worksite. Through our health and safety accident investigation, we help companies like yours to mitigate a significant amount of risks at the workplace.

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Our health and safety accident investigation procedure

The first thing we do when you reach out to us for an accident investigation is have you fill out our health and safety accident investigation form. From here, we visit your worksite to assess the damage and manage the scene. On top of this, we make sure that the accident area is safe and secure for our investigators.
Next, we interview and support the already identified witnesses as well as limit their interaction with other people. From this point, we now collect data and analyze it to identify the root causes. The final step of our health and safety accident investigation procedure is reporting the findings and recommendations.
One thing you need to keep in mind is that accident investigation needs to start almost immediately. The reasons for this are pretty simple. It reduces the chances of evidence disturbance and makes witness identification easy. In other words, it helps us to assess the conditions as they were at the time of the incident.

Why Choose Our Accident Investigation Services?

1. Highly Qualified Professionals

One thing that gives us a cut above the rest when it comes to accident investigation is our laser focus on service excellence. Our team of investigators are highly trained, experienced, and dedicated to success through adherence to local/state laws and OSHA standards. That’s perhaps why many companies trust us to successfully investigate cases of ill health, accidents, or near misses.

2. Focus on Improving Current Risk Control Measures

Besides supplying a team that is experienced in the areas of safety management, we go the extra mile to help prevent a repeat of a similar adverse event. By identifying the root causes, we point out the potential faults in your current risk control measures. This comes in handy when implementing better preventive measures to avoid an occurrence of the same in the future.

3. Adherence to All Safety Standards

Most states, the federal government, and industry regulators have safety codes. Every organization must plan, organize, control, monitor, and review their health and safety arrangements to ensure that everything complies with the stipulated requirements. 

At Safe T Professionals, we have an in-depth understanding of all OSHA standards as well as local/state laws. This helps us carry out every investigation with strict adherence to national safety council requirements. 

As a result, your company escapes possible government penalties. What’s even better, you can demonstrate to a court that your organization has a positive attitude to health and safety in the event of litigation. On top of that, we offer investigation findings that can prove helpful to your insurers in case of a claim.

Our technical & EHS Staffing services

Much like other environmental staffing companies, we help in the placement of EHS professionals with advanced education, experience, and certifications (OSHA500, MS, ASP/CSP). Our commitment to quality delivery is one thing that has helped us build an organization dedicated to delivering a staffing experience at the highest level.

Here at Safe T Professionals, we utilize our specialized knowledge of safety to make recommendations that are in line with OSHA (MSHA, ANSI, DOD, DOE) standards. Whether you want us to educate, train, or mentor your team on environmental safety, we will do our best to equip your team with the best safety practices and procedures.

Some of the top environmental health and safety careers in our listing include:

1. Environmental Health and safety specialists

Environmental health and safety specialists protect the environment and the public by enforcing regulations, analyzing hazards, identifying issues, and preventing adverse events. The environment health and safety specialist works with safety policies and procedures in place, checking them for shortfalls and ineffectiveness. 

On top of that, he or she has to make suggestions that can help in optimizing health and safety in an organization. Generally, the duties include improving the quality of practices and regulations already in place, creating proactive safety and environmental programs, ensuring safety compliance, accident/incident investigation, and training and educating employees in management programs.

On average, EHS specialists make roughly $74,100 in annual wages. Companies in the construction and manufacturing industries are among the top paying. The good thing is that the job prospect for these professionals is projected to grow by up to 6% between 2018 and 2028. Individuals with an educational background in sciences, several years of relevant experience, or certifications will have even better prospects.

2. EHS Technician

Other environmental health and safety jobs on our listing include EHS technicians. The primary responsibility of these professionals is to collect, deliver, prepare, and transfer chemicals and other hazardous or sensitive material around work sites. Some employers may entrust them to conduct inspections to make sure that all equipment and processes adhere to all regulatory and business requirements. Also, an EHS technician trains other workers and ensures that they follow guidelines in all regulatory processes.

Environmental health and safety technicians work in different industries. In many instances, they work to protect people, whether it’s taking into consideration the well-being of the company they work for or the general population. Often times, employers require applicants for this position to have a high school diploma. Candidates with a postgraduate, an associate’s, or a bachelor’s degree have better chances for employment. 

EHS technicians usually work full-time. However, hours on the job will sometimes vary from one company to another, especially when there’s a lot of traveling involved. Some organizations hire technicians to work on the clock at all hours while others employ these individuals to work during typical daytime hours. An EHS technician can make up to $19.60 per hour. 

Because these professionals occasionally work in confined spaces and lift heavy objects, they must have the ability to multitask. Also, the technicians must be able to work with various equipment such as end loaders and forklifts. On top of that, they must have excellent communication skills and be able to produce accurate and professional work.

3. Environmental Health and Safety Engineers

The main responsibility of EHS engineers is to create protocols and implement systems that help protect people and property from injury, sickness, or damage. They often merge the knowledge of health and safety and systems engineering to ensure a safe environment. Sometimes, their duties will include investigating industrial accidents, establishing their cause, and suggesting preventive measures to help avoid a similar occurrence in the future. 

According to BLS, an EHS engineer will take home up to $89,130 on average every year. Better yet, the job prospect for these professionals is expected to increase by 5% between 2018 and 2028. Perhaps, this is because there’s a growing number of a complex, new regulations for buildings, products, and processes.

As a reputable environmental construction staffing firm, we help EHS engineers secure employment opportunities in manufacturing, construction, and industrial plants. Regardless of the industry, these professionals will typically spend a considerable amount of time in an office setting, with occasional visits to work sites or properties. Usually, their work schedule runs from 9 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri. However, the professionals may sometimes be required to work on weekends, at night, or irregular hours in case of emergency or changes in working shifts.

4. EHS Coordinator

As a full-service environmental staffing agency, we also have EHS coordinator jobs on our listing. These professionals play a critical role in creating and enforcing a safety culture in the workplace. Their sole responsibility is to make sure that the organization they are working for adheres to all internal and federal health and safety regulations. In other words, they assess and implement policies and programs, as well as review reports to monitor performance. 

An EHS coordinator often works in a wide range of fields. Regardless of the industry, he or she works in a business office environment. However, the coordinator may sometimes be required to make occasional travel for on-site work in locations such as plant floors, warehouses, or external buildings. 

At the very minimum, an EHS coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree in environmental health, occupation safety, industrial technology, or any related field to qualify for employment. In many cases, most organizations prefer applicants with several years of relevant experience. 

Because their duties include identifying and interpreting safety regulations, most companies prefer the ideal candidates to have strong attention to detail as well as outstanding analytical skills. The EHS coordinators must also have leadership skills as they will be working closely with maintenance, manufacturing, or engineering teams.

Our safety training & Certifications Programs

Regardless of your industry, at Safe T Professionals, we can help your health and safety workforce acquire advanced safety training and certification. We utilize our team of experts to provide industry-specific training to help your workers enhance their existing skills and acquire new ones. Essentially, the main aim of our training is to deliver a competitive advantage for your company, manage risks, and improve efficiency.

As an industry leader in safety training globally, we provide the very best learning and development solutions customized to suit your exact needs. We have built a reputation for delivering public, in-person, and online safety training for the fortune 100 companies. Our training targets different industries, such as manufacturing, new construction, and the federal government (Departments of Defense, Energy, and others).

One thing that really sets us apart from the competition is our team of experienced trainers and practitioners. They train beyond theory, giving your workers valuable real-world insights. That’s perhaps the reason why many Fortune 100 all over the world continue to count on us to provide high-quality, consistent training and development at every level of their organizations.
If you’re interested in any of our safe environmental services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly customer reps are just a call away if you’d like to learn more about our services.