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Environmental Health Staffing

All businesses, regardless of their size or industry, must take care of the safety of not only their employees but that of the environment as well. Environmental health and safety must be present in both your short-term, and long-term business strategies to ensure the sustainability of the resources the environment has to offer.

What Is EHS?

A professional environmental health and safety professional will tell you that EHS is a set of regulations, standards, and processes designed to keep the environment, employees, and the public at large from harm. If you want to practice green manufacturing and become a better steward of your environment, EHS is a business initiative that you must comply with. By protecting the environment in which you operate, you also protect your staff and customers relying on their environment for survival.

Environmental health and safety can be accomplished by what is called environmentally sustainable practices. These are practices that allow the business to develop or scale its operations upwards without causing further damage to the environment. Sustainable practices mean that you do not overly exploit technological development, mines, natural food and water supplies, land, or any other natural resources.

Unfortunately, most firms concern themselves with turnover, market share and value, and shareholder values, leaving the environmental problems for the government and environmental agencies. By coming up with innovative and environmentally friendly products and approaches, it is possible to increase sales and manufacture more products from your raw materials without destroying the earth in the process.

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The History of EHS in the Business Arena

The importance of sustainable business practices has been a major aspect of business since 1970, when the Environmental Protection Agency and other local environmental protection agencies in the United States were being started. In the 1990s, the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM), thanks to advances in technology and better business practices, companies merged the concepts of both occupational and environmental health and safety and started the process of having internal policies to ensure EHS is observed in all business operations. 

Through international collaboration, EHS management methods, plus the guidelines offered by the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OSHAS 18001), were developed. By the 2000s, global warming and the roles that industrial emissions had to do with the harmful phenomenon were fast spreading, thus triggering stronger corporate social responsibility movements. Every company worth its salt today has encompassed sustainability with its EHS initiatives.

Why your business needs EHS

It will save you money both in the short and long run

By implementing environmental health and safety in your business, you will save plenty of money and secure your company’s profitability. Compliance officers rarely ever say that they will come for an inspection, and for everything that breaks a rule, you will pay a hefty fine. What’s more, failure to observe environmental safety could make your company liable to pay thousands of dollars’ worth of worker’s compensation and medical fees in the case of injury.

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EHS Will Maintain Your Corporate Image

Today, customers rarely buy products from companies implicated in practices that are deemed harmful to the environment. In fact, most people are environment-conscious and often make an effort to buy recycled products in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.  

In this digital age, all it takes is a video or image uploaded to any social media platform or blog to destroy your reputation as a business.

 Choose to be proactive rather than reactive and consider environmental health and safety from the word go to ensure that your customers and employees perceive you well. Any business owner will agree that it takes months, if not years, plus thousands of dollars to contain such a situation, a period over which your profits will run into the ground.

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It Will Help you Attract and Retain the best talent

It is not only customers that are becoming environmentally conscious, but employees as well. If you want the best engineers, IT specialists, construction crews, and other star employees working for you, you have to make your business environment safe for them. They also understand that an unsafe environment can predispose them to terminal illnesses like cancer, and their health will definitely come first. 

What’s more, working in a company that cares for the environment will boost their morale, and they will also use their expertise to maintain the environment on their employers’ behalf.

More businesses need to start taking the state of the environment seriously

Before the industrial revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by natural sources was quickly offset by other natural sources; thus, there was no significant effect. Now, with manufacturing and construction company emitting both carbon dioxide and monoxide as well as other forms of particulates, the balance between carbon dioxide emission and removal has shifted, causing effects such as global warming. 

All you need to do to know the effects of global warming is to realize the bizarre weather patterns on our planet. This is just one example of how business practices that do not take into account their effect on their environment have caused degradation and damage. 

If more businesses take into account safe environmental solutions that can replace their harmful operations with sustainable ones, the environment and climate will begin to recover. Hopefully, future generations will have a home.

Our role as an environmental health and safety staffing company

If you are sold on the importance of environmental health and safety in your company, then it is time to implement it. The best and most effective approach for you to introduce and maintain EHS practices in your company is to hire an EHS Staffing company. You will need professionals in your company that fully understand the importance of environmental health and safety in your company and are willing to implement it in the most cost-effective yet result-oriented way. Environmental health and safety professionals will be able to carry out the following roles in your company ably:

We at Safe T professionals, an environmental staffing company, possess the resources you need to make EHS a reality for your business. Regardless of your company’s size and industry, we have a team of environmental health and safety officers that will be the perfect fit and are capable of carrying out the above and other functions. 

Here are all the benefits you will get by choosing us to streamline your environmental health and safety compliance:

We are experts in Environmental health and safety

The quality of EHS your company has will only be as good as the officers overseeing its implementation. An environmental staffing agency like ours has plenty of expertise as well as experience in the EHS, the role it plays in ensuring sustainability, and the skills that a competent environmental health and safety officer requires. Unlike your human resources department that has a board set of skills to handle multiple departments, we at Safe T Professionals focus our human resources expertise on environmental health and safety.

We are, therefore, qualified to provide the best skilled environmental health and safety specialist for your EHS department. In addition to our expertise, our clients can also rely on the networks we maintain with other firms and stakeholders in the area of environmental health and safety for ready ESH officers. Our contacts with these firms guarantee that you get a competent team of ESH consultants in a matter of hours or days.

We Can Handle all the HR tasks on your behalf

Adding new staff to your company will overwhelm your existing HR department, especially if they do not know the dynamics of EHS staffing. By hiring us to handle your EHS staffing needs, you will receive the most competent EHS officers without having to handle the responsibilities of the additional personnel. What’s more, you shouldn’t have to go through the entire process of hiring, orientation, and training if you would like to have these professionals on a temporary basis.

We offer remuneration and the most competitive terms of work and benefits on your behalf. We will also handle their employee records, tax remittance, and other issues. In case you have an issue with one of our staff members, you will rely on us to fix it, as well as send someone to take the place of an officer on maternity leave, who is ill, or for any other reason is not available to work. 

Lastly, we handle all employee evaluation and appraisal functions for you to ensure that employees are doing the best possible job for your company. Hiring a staffing agency allows you to reap the benefits of qualified workforce without spending excess money or effort.

We Help you save time

If your company has serious shortcomings in the environmental health and safety area, then hiring us will help you get started as soon as possible. An EHS staffing agency like ours has years of experience in obtaining the best candidates from the crowd and can direct them to your premises as fast and reliably as in two days, or even hours, depending on what you require. 

What’s more, since we already have a pool of candidates, the time spent in advertising the positions, calling for interviews, and orienting the chosen candidates is saved.
Also, the staff we bring to you. Our career EHS officers are already qualified and experienced in OSHA and EHS regulations and guidelines; thus, they will not need any additional training; only orientation and they will quickly get to work.

We will save you money

Hiring a team of environmental health and safety officers by yourself will not only take time but money as well. You will have your HR staff prepare and post ads for the environmental health and safety jobs on various job avenues plus print media, all of which will cost you money. Once you get a list of possible candidates, you will have to carry out background checks on them as well as drug screening and other forms of pre-employment testing. After conducting interviews and acquiring a few qualified officers, you may have to invest in training to ensure that their knowledge and skills fit your industry. 

Additional costs will also come in case you require a new database to input their personnel details and files, not to mention the cost of offering them proper benefits, PPE, and other items that they will need to get started.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, these costs may overwhelm you and make you reverse your decision to get ESH professionals on board. However, environmental health and safety staffing companies have made it possible for SMEs to obtain the staff they need for a robust ESH policy and strategy without breaking their bank accounts. 

Our ESH staffing agency has competitive packages that will allow you to keep your small or medium-sized company ESH-compliant. Our packages also scale along with your business to ensure you get the degree of engagement that fits your company well.

We offer our environmental health and safety officers with the training they need to remain at the top of the profession

We specialize in all things environmental staffing, and it is therefore within our mandate to remain abreast of all the changes and updates to the OSHA guidelines and regulations. In addition to having this information, we also pass it on to our EHS officers to ensure that they are aware of all the trends affecting EHS in your industry as well as the best approaches to maintain environmental safety in your workplace.
Employees also require additional forms of training to boost their environmental health and safety careers such as CV and resume writing, how to attend and pass an interview and other skills they require thriving in a dynamic workplace.

The best environmental health and safety officers seek jobs from staffing agencies

Professionals in the field of environmental safety look for employment using staffing agencies like ours. This is often more convenient for them because it lets them apply for environmental health and safety jobs in multiple industries and companies using one single application. 

Staffing agencies like ours provide them with access to ready work as well as the best benefits to ensure career satisfaction. With our staff, you are assured that you get the best environmental health and safety specialists in the job market and that they will remain motivated and well-compensated for their services.

Excellent Customer Service

For as long as we are providing you with environmental health and safety staff, we constantly remain in touch with you. We keep our channels of communication open with our clients at all times to ensure satisfaction for your company and enable you to provide any feedback.

This way, we hope that the next time you will require staff, we will be your first call, and that you can recommend us to companies in your network.