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Construction Safety

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces on the planet, with OSHA placing the number of near-fatal injuries at thousands every year. Without proper safety practices and processes, it will only be a matter of time before a severe accident occurs, and you are left picking up the pieces. 

The most common incidents on construction sites include:

Some of these simple constructions safety rules that can mitigate all these events include:

Ensuring that all staff on site are in full protective gear

Every person regardless of their role on the site should wear their personal protective equipment at all times (PPE). In case you should have a fall, or something falls on you, your last line of defense against head trauma would be your helmet.

Safety boots should also keep your staff from slipping on wet concrete or other wet surfaces, while reflector jackets should keep you visible to a forklift or backhoe driver.

Ensure that all staff are well-oriented and know their way around the site

No two sites are the same, and every staff member, even if they have years of experience or are senior engineers, must be shown their way around. This way, they will know where to sign in and out, where to assemble in case of an incident, what to avoid, and the paths to use while they walk around.

The work site must have safety signs and procedures

Every possibly dangerous area on the site must have clear and visible warnings and signs on them, and everyone must strive to follow the laid down procedures. A safe worksite must have a thorough site analysis done before the commencement of work to ensure that the right procedures are laid down for the specific construction job. Under no circumstances whatsoever can people start working on it without knowing these procedures.

There should be mechanisms in place for any anomalies to be reported

Problems like shifting ground or accidents must always be reported to immediate supervisors or safety officers so that the right action can be taken. Employees can never attempt to handle them by themselves as disaster can occur. They can also never attempt to remove scaffolding or fiddle with any equipment unless they possess the training and experience for proper, accurate troubleshooting.

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Employees must use the right equipment at all times

Some employees may choose to avoid sharing or take a short cut to avoid leaving their workstations to obtain a certain tool for a specific task. However, often, choosing the right tool will ensure its user’s comfort and efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of an incident. For instance, only equipment with a voltage of 110 is allowed on construction sites, with 240V only being used under strict safety measures.

Employees with queries should have a reliable supervisor to answer them

Both you and your staff require a construction safety consultant to answer any safety-related questions they may have. Such questions and observations have been known to save lives, and asking questions never hurt anyone. This individual must be approachable and personable to ensure employees do not feel too intimidated by them.

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the construction site must be audited by qualified OSHA staff

To reduce the chances of an accident occurring, you want the most-certified people looking into your site to ensure that the scaffolds, ladders, electrical wiring, excavations, and other aspects are in order as specified by OSHA requirements for construction sites. Such an officer will also specify the right kind of PPE for your employees and explain to them how to use it for maximum protection.

If you are looking to start a project that will result in a construction site and want to promote health and safety in construction, then look no further than Safe T Professionals. We have a qualified team of officers and construction engineers that will work around the clock with you to ensure your team’s safety. Our construction site safety services include:

Assessment processes: as mentioned earlier, your construction site must have proper protocols for easier and more efficient workflow as well as the employees’ safety. We collaborate with the best construction professionals to inspect and highlight possible hazards and investigate any incidents that occur for a more comprehensive site assessment. With the information gathered, our construction safety consultant will craft the most effective and easy-to-follow emergency protocols and day-to-day procedures to reduce the possible number of incidents to a minimum.

Staffing: If you are looking for professional construction health and safety technicians, you can count on Safe T Professionals to provide them within the shortest time possible. We have a ready team of vetted and qualified personnel that will ensure that safety procedures are observed at all times, provide daily reports and briefings, and investigate any incidents. Our construction safety personnel will also respond to any queries or concerns that may arise at the worksite so that any hazards are quickly identified and eliminated.

Training: We provide excellent staff training to ensure that all employees know what every piece of equipment and tool is used for as well as the importance of PPE, how to use it, and wear it for comfort and safety. We also educate them on the many possible hazards of working on such sites as well as basic first aid.

Construction Safety Management: Safety starts with the management, and for a successful construction project that is incident-free, you must craft a strong construction safety plan to promote and ensure health and safety at the construction site long before the ground is broken.
Safe T Professionals is a reliable occupational health and safety company with years of experience and the resources to see to it that your construction project goes smoothly. With OSHA construction site inspections on the rise, you can also count on us to ensure compliance and readiness. At a competitive price, you will be able to rely on only the best construction safety expertise for the wellbeing of you and your staff as well.