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At Safe T Professionals, we have made safety one of our core values for a good reason. We know that when it comes to safety, sometimes we do not get a second chance. Due to that, we have developed a proactive team, not a reactive one, to enhance safety for oil and gas industry.

Whether you are working in the most hazardous sector or not, our specialists are prepared to help you. Some of the jobs that we consider incredibly dangerous are:

Since you have us as part of your team, the hazards should not stop you from getting involved in any of them.

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We recruit safety employees of all levels from entry level to certified safety professionals. We have new safety jobs to fill everyday. So, don't hesitate to apply today.

How safe t professionals mitigates common safety hazards

Motor Vehicle Collisions

From our experience and government sources, motor vehicle collisions present the highest degree of risk to workers in the oil and gas industry. It kills thousands of workers yearly. Part of the reason for this unfortunate trend is that many of the richest oilrigs are located in highly remote locations.

We are concerned about the toxic and combustible substances that these individuals encounter every day, and we have created tips to help them overcome them safely. As a professional company that is committed to bettering oil & gas safety, we want people to give considerable attention to motor vehicle collisions.

Our professionals religiously follow the OSHA oil and gas safety guidelines to train workers on motor vehicle security. In particular, we can help your team to learn the best procedures to maintain, service, and inspect your fleet of vehicles. When a vehicle is in the best condition, chances are that it is less likely to cause an accident. Since we cannot prevent all accidents, we do everything within our means to reduce the number of these incidents.

Struck-by, Caught-in, and Caught-in-between

Many workers in the oil and gas industry also suffer every day due to the inability of workers to notice each other or a high degree of carelessness. This is the second leading cause of many preventable work-related injuries and deaths. High-pressure lines, as well as falling equipment, often count for the largest number of victims. 

The Safe T Professionals team comes in to train workers on how to follow the appropriate safety measures. We also help employers to choose quality and well-maintained machinery. Additionally, our safety hazard analysts help organizations develop strong workplace cultures that embrace responsibility and safety as essential corporate principles. This way, we have been able to help many workers in the industry to take care of each other and understand their unique work environment. 

Depending on the results of our safety hazard analysis, we will recommend the appropriate reflective clothing. Before choosing the gear, our qualified specialists carefully evaluate the job site, as it will determine what is best for your situation.

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Explosions & Fires

Another reason many qualified experts are coming to Safety T Professionals is that they are looking for credible safety advisor jobs oil and gas to help us combat explosions and fires. We hire trained experts who appreciate the fact that oil extraction puts lives at risk but want to help using their skills to mitigate them.

The degree of risk is incredibly high in hydrocarbon zones or extraction places where active gas exists. Almost anything can ignite the gases. However, friction and static electricity can expose your entire team to grave danger. When our safety hazard analysts discover that your team is facing such a threat, we help you to find quality flame-resistant clothing that your team can use whenever they are drilling. 

OSHA recommends that you use this type of gear in such circumstances, but you cannot choose just any of them that you come across. Quality flame-resistant clothing comes in several styles. Our team carefully considers your unique requirements to help you find options that cover the whole body and make the most sense for your situation. Once we do this, flash fires will not burn any of your employees.  

When you are also at risk of inhaling toxic gases, we also recommend you the best respirator.

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Confined Spaces

For people who are looking for oil and gas safety jobs, they must understand that oil extraction workers operate in many confined spaces. Some of these are:

These spaces can expose your employees to lots of hazardous fumes. The challenge is that these chemicals are often odorless and colorless.

The good news is that our oil and gas safety professionals are able to determine the hazard and give you the right solution. We use the approved monitoring equipment. Before we allow your employees to utilize the spaces, we test the confines and ensure proper ventilation. Besides, we guide you to give them functional respirators. We can also suggest that when people work inside these places, you assign a team of well-trained experts to monitor them, depending on your circumstances.

Fall From Heights

We know that the risk of slipping, tripping, or losing balance while doing the oil extraction work is real. OSHA states that it remains one of the leading accidents in the industry.
We ensure that whenever you are working at four feet or higher, you have to use effective fall protection equipment. 

We analyze your work environment and help you to choose the ideal fall protective equipment that can adapt to various scenarios and protect you from falling. They are designed to absorb the energy of a fall and significantly mitigate the risk of fatality.

We help you to stay safe

There are many safety jobs in the oil and gas industry, but none of them are risk-free. For the workers to survive in a hazardous environment, they must be given the right training. 

With our experienced safety experts, we have been able to train many oil and gas workers across the world. These skills and the right personal protective equipment help them to remain safe at all times.

AT Safe T Professionals, we are committed to continuing protecting the health and safety oil and gas workers and mitigating potential hazards in their workplace.