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Pharmaceutical Safety

Safe T Professionals is committed to helping you and your employees ensure pharmaceutical safety. We believe that all workers in the industry not only have a legal duty to maintain the highest standards of workplace safety, but an ethical obligation while many of them lack the necessary skills to accomplish this.
Thankfully, as one of the leading pharmaceutical staffing agencies in the world, we can help you hire the most qualified medical experts and equip them with the required skills to adhere to the law, enhance safety and much more. 


We boast about our proven ability to train recruits in the industry to comply with the following:

Risk Assessment

Proficient pharmaceutical staffing companies train pharmacists to conduct risk assessments independently. However, that is not enough. We also conduct comprehensive risk evaluations whenever necessary.

The law requires every employer in the pharmaceutical industry to conduct both health and safety assessments and clinical risk assessments. Our experts use these tools to help you differentiate high and low-risk conditions. This way, we can develop the right solutions and help you to:

During your routine health risk assessment, you should follow steps to be successful. These are:

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Step 1: Identify The Hazards

Safe T Professionals helps you to identify the hazards. During the assessments, take a small team of experts and walk with them around the entire working area. Use the accident record sheet to record any potential dangers that you notice.

Step 2: Note the Workers at Risk

Record the group of workers that are likely to be harmed due to the hazard. For example, if you consider that heavy boxes expose delivery workers to some form of harm, mention that.

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Step 3: Take Action

Decide on the best strategy to mitigate the risk. The law requires that you either remove or minimize the risk, depending on its nature.

Step 4: Record The Action Taken

After this, record the risk or hazard and what you have done to mitigate it. By doing this, you provide evidence that the issues have received due attention.

Step 5: Review

You should conduct the assessment every 12 months to make sure you’re staying on top of how safety measures might need to change in the workplace.

When you need professional Help

If your employees are already overwhelmed by complex duties, you should not pile safety analysis on their to-do sheet as well. It’s far too important and there’s a chance that your employees won’t pay it the amount of attention needed. That’s where Safe T Professionals comes in. You need us. The same applies if you have a large company with many levels of operations or you want an objective assessment report.

Safe T Professionals can also help your staff to follow the right pharmaceutical staffing policies and procedures in handling the agents that pose hazards to you, your employees, your customers and the environment.