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Solar Safety

For many people, solar is becoming an increasingly affordable and safe source of electric energy. From our independent assessment, this is the main reason for the fast growth of the sector, including a steady increase in green jobs. Most employers in the industry also do not protect these workers from hazards due to the perceived solar power safety. 

However, our recent independent audits confirm the position of the United States Department of Labor that these workers are potentially exposed to severe hazards. This revelation forms the basis for our determination to adhere to all the OSHA solar safety standards.

Solar Safety Hazards

Some of the common hazards to look out for are:

1. Electrical Surges

Solar PV systems generate electricity, and whenever voltages that are higher than the standard requirements flow through an electrical wire, electrical charges happen. This can damage your devices, depending on the intensity of the surge and the duration. Moreover, the amount of electricity that is as low as 75 mA can adversely harm the heart.

Our solar safety audits have also revealed that external factors, including lightning strikes and power usage drops, can also cause this hazard. By improving solar power plant safety, it is possible to mitigate some of these external risks. 

Faulty wiring in the place of work can also cause electrical surges. To prevent these internal causes, you need to ensure the electrical systems are secure. Often, it is difficult to identify the exact cause of electric surges. This means you need the service of a qualified expert to inspect your system and let you know the necessary remedy.

2. Solar Panel Fires

Solar panels also expose people to fire hazards. Electrical problems are the leading cause of these fires. If the wires in the panels are damaged or are insulated improperly, this can be the result. Poor installation is another reason the flames can be ignited.

3. Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals are used to manufacture solar PV panels. While it is difficult for them to pollute the environment, if it is involved in fires, the toxic chemicals can get released into the atmosphere.
These are a few hazards that demonstrate the need for enhancing solar PV health and safety. Workers in the industry are getting more concerned about the increasing incidents and fatalities that the risks cause, which is another reason we have empowered many safety specialists to help.

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Safety Training

The values of safety and quality determine the success of this industry. If you want to be competitive, do not ignore the OSHA solar PV health and safety policy. Other than that, you and your employees need to acquire the right training to prevent all these accidents, or as many as possible. 

PV-specific training is one that you need as the industry continues to grow. It can help your teams to identify potential hazards. The training can also help them do solar safety jobs correctly.

The right training equips leaders, managers and CEOs with the skills that enhance the overall success of their teams. When everyone is adhering to the accepted standards, it is much easier to identify and mitigate the hazards in the industry, and, thereby achieve the desired solar energy safety goals.

At Safe T Professionals, we have all the resources that businesses need to adhere to the standards without struggling. We are also available to help.

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