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Utility Safety

With increased energy consumption comes a higher demand for quality supply of all sources of energy. The one thing that utility companies must ensure as they go about their business is the safety of the staff they rely on to bring essential services to clients’ doorsteps. Utility staff is often exposed to many risks as they carry out their daily tasks, including:


With your staff working on high-voltage lines, it should not be a surprise that utility line work is among the most dangerous of all jobs, with over thirty workers per 100,000 succumbing to injuries from their jobs according to Transmission and Distribution World. These lines expose your employees to electrocution, mechanical injuries and potentially a loss of limbs.

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Your employees are exposed to falls from great heights or slips due to the little surface area they must operate on. With the right personal protective equipment, especially helmets and safety boots, your employees will be able to avoid falls and minimize injury in case of one.

Physical Pain

As mentioned earlier, many utility companies are faced with a rise in demand and your employees are probably putting up with the strain associated with increased workloads. This strain can quickly lead into back and neck pain from excessive sitting and standing or carrying heavy loads, or even fatigue and burnout. 

You can minimize the amount of work your employees do by managing an effective shift system and allowing for breaks and off-days to reduce the chance of incidents occurring from human error.

Exposure to biological & Chemical Hazards

If your company operates in the water and sewage industry, you must take steps to protect them from concentrated sewage as well as chemicals such as chlorine, which is used to dose treated water. Sewage contains pathogens that can quickly disturb the stomach, cause skin infections, or worse, hepatitis. Chlorine’s toxic fumes and strong smell will irritate the respiratory systems if inhaled.

Is your emergency response plan in order?

With a strong, updated and active emergency response plan in place, you and your employees can report to work knowing that in the case of an accident that threatens human life, you can rely on first responders for assistance. Your staff should also have the basic knowledge to conserve life and tackle all possible hazards or incidents at their workplace.

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How well is your team versed with personal protective equipment?

Some employees avoid wearing helmets and boots, mostly because they are rather uncomfortable and heavy. However, with training on why PPE is so important, they may think again before taking it off and climbing up a power construct (or any other hazardous working condition). 

In addition to the importance of PPE, your staff must have specialty training on how best to minimize accidents at the workplace and collaborate to boost efficiency and productivity without compromising each other’s safety.

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Are you oSHA-complaint?

An OSHA citation will cost you thousands of dollars plus your reputation, thus reducing your chance at winning more bids or increasing profits. You can minimize the chance of failing an OSHA compliance inspection by having a qualified team of occupational health and safety partners assist in implementing OSHA work zone safety guidelines for construction maintenance and utility operations.

you need a professional utility safety consultant to help you implement a robust utility safety strategy

We at Safe T Professionals are ready to ensure that you and your staff remain safe as you achieve your company goal of supplying power and other utilities to the public. Our clients reside in industries including, pipe-laying, gas supply, electricity companies and water supply company, with whom we have partnered to ensure safety and wellbeing for all employees regardless of the challenges and risks they face.

We work with you and your team to build on existing safety measures and strategies for better outcomes and long-term sustainability. Our team will be quick to identify these and all other risks that your staff is exposed to. We’ll be ready to implement and carry out measures to protect them. What’s more, you do not have to advertise electric utility safety jobs to get the safety advice your firm requires. We will gladly see to all your certified utility safety professional needs.

Safe T Professionals also understands the key role of OSHA in ensuring employee safety, and we are more than happy to be your partner in ensuring that you pass your inspection and have a worthy advocate in case of any citations. Look no further than our utilities safety consultancy company for all your occupational health and safety needs.