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Job Hazard Anaylsis

Safe T Professionals’ trained specialists conduct job hazard analysis (JHA) to evaluate and mitigate each hazard at the workplace. Sometimes, we use job safety analysis (JSA) and JHA interchangeable. The main reason for this is that we love to speak the language of most safety professionals and our esteemed clients.  

However, there is a slight difference in the meaning of these two terms, and we have specialists that focus on each of them. Our JHA experts always conduct a complete risk assessment to evaluate the severity as well as the probability of occurrence of hazards. 

However, if you say that you need job safety analysis, the JSA team verifies whether you are interested in the safety measures alone and if that is what you mean, we can offer just that to suit your needs. Often, job safety analysis does not consider the possibility of the hazards.

The benefits of working with our JHA specialists include:

Getting Started

To conduct OSHA job hazard analysis successfully, we do the following:

Involve Your Employees

We fully involve your employees because their experience and knowledge are essential for identifying hazards. They operate on the frontline. As such, by engaging them, we minimize overlooking aspects of the job. At the same time, we make it easy for them to help in the implementation of the recommended solutions.

Review Accident History

Our teams of specialists also review the history of accidents at your place of work. If we notice a high number of occupational illnesses or damages to equipment, we consider that it could mean the company has inadequate hazard controls.

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Conduct Preliminary Analysis

We conduct a preliminary hazard analysis by working closely with you to discuss with your workers the hazards that they know exist in their work environment. To be able to eliminate or control the hazards, the team brainstorms with them.

If we discover hazards that pose an immediate danger to anybody, we help you to take the relevant immediate action. However, for the rest, we create a strategy to solve them.

Set Priorities

From the preliminary evaluation, we classify the jobs depending on the severity of hazards that they present. Also, we list them in order of the potential frequency. We give the jobs that present the greatest form of danger priority for analysis. 

For example, if we are conducting job hazard analysis construction, we can consider the safety of masons who climb ladders or use the heavy machinery. At the same time, we can start the process by conducting probabilistic seismic hazard analysis if we deem that the area is prone to earthquakes or Earth movement of any sort that would lead to instability. This way, we can address the impending danger at the appropriate time.

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Outline The Steps

When beginning the hazard analysis at the workplace, we involve you in the process of breaking each of your jobs into a small manageable task. This way, we can take adequate time to watch your employees perform each of the tasks. We will also get your insights as the process continues. 

We put down a complete description of each job action. However, our trained analysts take care to avoid the possibility of getting too detailed. We need the basic steps to help you make the best and most practical safety decisions. 

Once we have finished detailing the practical job steps, we ask experienced employees who have performed the same job to review the outcome and share their views. If necessary, we videotape or photograph the employees performing the jobs to have handy references to use when conducting the review.

Correct and prevent hazards

After the full evaluation, we develop ways to correct and prevent the hazards in consultation with you, as the employer. Once this is done, we involve you in the process of discussing the recommendations with your workers who perform the tasks. 

As they speak, we record their viewpoints and consider them carefully. If we are suggesting that you introduce new job procedures or modified ones, we take our time to help them appreciate what the company requires them to do.

Promote Safety Culture

The main reason we help you to involve your employees is that your success depends on your safety culture. The only way to create such a culture in the workplace is to make everyone embrace the right ways of doing things.

Safety Culture Values that Safe T Professionals Promote


We know that OSHA hazard analysis can only help you to achieve your personal and corporate goals if your workers share responsibility. Here at Safe T Professionals, all our employees cherish this value and share it. Everyone promotes safety.

We help you to make all your employees share the belief that each of them is morally bound to act in a manner that safeguards the safety of all the workers, the company, the environment and everyone else.


Safe T Professionals also believes that managers and supervisors must lead by example. Their behavior has a direct influence on the actions of everyone around them. When we do the analysis, we fully involve you and inform you of the benefits of promoting safety, including the legal backing that you enjoy should an accident occur. Your upper management also knows about their responsibility to hold their juniors accountable when it comes to safety.

Clear Expectations

Everyone within your company needs to understand clearly what the regulator and the employer require of them. We help you to achieve this from day one. We involve your workers and clearly communicate the goal of the job hazard analysis OSHA. Given that the commitment to realizing the goals must be demonstrated top-down, we ensure nothing happens without your full participation. Once we have finished the process and discussed the findings with your team, we help you to keep working closely with them and training them on the best ways to achieve your corporate objectives.


Ethics is a critical component of all successful businesses. Without a reliable social contract, you can never develop the required safety culture. 

We can provide a hazard and risk analysis manual that your company can rely on to make the best decisions. However, we encourage employees to make decisions that do not only satisfy the laid-out procedures. Their actions must also be ethical since responsible teams are in the business of serving humans.

We have been able to develop a strong safety culture due to the competence of our staff. The ideal employees should always be able to make rational and ethical decisions. Besides, all of them should share the core values of your company. As such, we encourage you to employ individuals with the right attitude for you to develop the ideal safety culture within an short time.


Since leadership determines the overall direction of your company, our team also helps you to equip them with the right skills. We believe that it is one thing to give a person much responsibility and quite another to guide them in succeeding in their career. From our functional hazard analysis, we can establish whether leaders are efficient or not. We involve them in the analysis and train them to enforce the standards to meet the requirements of the regulator.

Why Hire An experienced professional JHA Company?

Here at Safe T Professionals, we value empowering organizations to conduct safety analysis. For that reason, we provide detailed information here and on other platforms on what we do to be able to protect you and your employees. You can follow these necessary steps whenever you are conducting a hazard analysis and achieve a high degree of success. The good news is that OSHA offers some support, and you can call them for help if necessary.

However, there are instances when you need to hire a professional consultant with extensive safety and health expertise. That is where we come in to give you an exceptional experience. If your workers engage in complex and many processes, you need us. The regulator only offers basic support, and you need an experienced team of specialists to come to your workplace and help you to design the appropriate solutions and then create a viable culture.  

However, even when you choose to receive outside help, you and your employees must remain part of the evaluation process. Outside experts cannot identify and correct all the hazards without you and the workers since they are not in the worksite every day. You and your employees, however, are and therefore, are more likely to encounter the hazards. Besides, a high degree of involvement empowers you and your employees to be able to implement the hazard control and elimination measures that your consultant recommends.

We Are here to help

Does that sound familiar? If you have been asking why Safe T Professionals insists on fully involving you and your employees when conducting a safety hazard analysis, you can now understand the answer. Our professionals are qualified to walk with you through your long but rewarding journey to protect your employees and the corporate vision.