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What is a confined Space?

A confined space can mean man things to different people. OSHA defines a confined space as a space that is: “Confined space” means a space that:  Is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work; and  Has...

Communication Towers

Prior to the 1980s, communication and broadcast tower erection, servicing and maintenance was a very small and highly specialized industry. Over the past 30 years, the growing demand for wireless and broadcast communications has spurred a dramatic increase in...

Trench Safety Protecting the American Workforce

Americans are on the job in trenches every day installing and repairing utility lines to ensure those conveniences are always available. It is critical for these workers to know how to stay safe while they perform their job. OSHA regulations require employers to...

7 Smart Ways to Distract Yourself from Distracted Driving

(Farmers Insurance) The dangers of distracted driving are pretty well known at this point. Newspapers (remember those?), magazines, and the internet are laden with horror stories and statistics about texting and driving. The thing is though, as serious as it is,...

“Competent Person”

The term Competent Person is an important one and a key player in the safety of any company on the job site. There are many OSHA standards that discuss the need for a competent person to make decisions about work place safety of the job from Scaffolds to Excavations...


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