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Safe T Professionals knows that business owners need to address several important issues, including workplace health and safety. Since construction is a physically demanding industry, we are interested in helping contractors and subcontractors, as well as others who engage in the business and keep them physically and emotionally healthy. 

Our professionals believe that by doing this, we enable you to make the industry as safe as those that are not equally physical in nature. With a proper understanding of OSHA construction safety and health guidelines, you can begin to appreciate why you need adequate employee and employer training to reap the benefits of increased productivity and reduced workplace injuries and fatalities.

Complying with the safety requirements

We collaborate with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is the overseeing safety agency throughout the United States. Each state has different workplace safety regulatory and legal standards that they hold. However, the federal government requires all businesses in the country to observe the OSHA environmental health and safety rules and guidelines as well.

With the federal agency in place, you are guaranteed a high degree of safety in the workplace if you follow their guidelines. Here, at Safe T Professionals, we are conscious of the efficiency of the national safety standards.

We are OSHA certified and recommend OSHA safety training.

Choosing OSHA Courses

Since the agency provides plenty of alternatives, many people need help to choose the most relevant courses. You can find the handbook of OSHA construction safety and health and read it to discover the training that your workforce requires.

For many contractors, though, the handbook provides a lot of safety-oriented information that is tough to implement without the help of a professional. However, the good news is that our experienced safety experts can guide you to choose the ideal training and be sure your employees meet all the requirements of the agency.

Some of the required OSHA construction courses are:

These are but a few of the OSHA general industry safety and health courses that your workforce might require to remain safe and productive all the time. There are many others since the agency is fully aware of the diverse needs in every industry and has created training materials for all the businesses to address them.

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Conducting Hazard Safety Analysis

The fastest and most reliable way to determine your exact needs is by conducting a hazard safety analysis. If you are like most businesses in the US and many other countries, you likely cannot conduct a hazard analysis for complex operations. Your employees may help you to do this in some cases, but you need the contribution of an independent professional that understands the OSHA construction safety and health standards.

If that is the case, talk with our friendly experts. They will assess your work environment and give you professional guidance to choose the ideal course. Depending on your needs, Safe T Professionals can also build you a curriculum that is designed for your business.

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