OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for FY 2017

What is Safe + Sound Week?

Every year the top 10 OSHA violations are published. Logically this makes no sense when the stated purpose of an accident investigation is to find the root cause and prevent any future occurrence of this situation, yet the accidents still occur.

The reasons are many, culture, employee action, no understanding of the OSHA standards,
behavior (It won’t happen to me), production pressures and need to have a job and work. How do
you break this cycle or fix this? One way is to look at your company from the Top down and
assess the current state of safety, culture, and risk you face. Safe T Pros comes in here we can
help with all aspects of safety. Safe T Pros provides all manner of Safety services, Industrial
Hygiene services, Training and Safety staffing. Our #1 core value is:

“We strive to ensure that each work site and those working are as safe as we would have
our own homes and families. We treat all of our clients and associates with the utmost
respect and dignity. Ultimately, we believe that PEOPLE are the most important thing.

Life is priceless, and we understand that every detail on a work site is vital to the
preservation of our most precious commodity, people.”

1. Fall Protection- General Requirements
  a. 1926.501, 6,887 violations
2. Hazard Communication GHS
  a. 1910.1200, 4,652 violations
3. Scaffolding
  a. 1926.451, 3,697 violations
4. Respiratory Protection
  a. 1910.134, 3,381 violations
5. Lockout Tagout
  a. 1910.147, 3,131
6. Ladders
  a. 1926.1053, 2,567 violations
7. Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts)
  a. 1910.178. 2.349 violations.
8. Machine Guarding
  a. 1910.212. 2,109 violations
9. Fall Protection-Training Requirements
  a. 1926.503, 1,724 violations
10. Electrical- Wiring Methods
  a. 1910.305, 1,530 violations

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