Safety Audit vs. Safety Inspection: Here's What To Know

Safety Audit vs. Safety Inspection

Safety Audit Versus Safety Inspection: Here’s What To Know

Today’s business owners must evaluate their health and safety risks in order to achieve and maintain workers’ high morale as well as an excellent overall corporate image. A comprehensive environmental, health and safety audit provides business owners with the necessary safety evaluation, while an essential stage of a comprehensive safety audit is a safety inspection.

Environmental, Health and Safety Audits Improve Business

Professional auditors expertly design safety audits to gather all levels of information needed to evaluate a company’s working environment. Only qualified auditor personnel should conduct audits, knowing where to find and comb through health and safety risks exposed to employees.

Safety Inspections Highlight Specific Potential Problem Areas

During a safety audit, personnel begin by finding and evaluating all incident reports filed for the areas of business being audited. Then, the next step is for personnel to go on to observe who and what filed those incident reports, whether it be a department or a particular machine. That’s the safety inspection stage. During a safety inspection, personnel will watch how workers work and observe how devices function, asking questions along the way. A safety inspection focuses on four areas, including:
  • Staff behavior and methods (people)
  • environment (premises)
  • System methodologies and permits (procedures)
  • Equipment, machinery, tools, and vehicles (objects)
Personnel then analyze all of that information to create solutions through comprehensive, digestible reporting that helps business owners improve their safety.

What Do the Results Mean?

An effective safety inspection results in knowing the critical sources of information needed to tackle current and possible future problem areas. Depending on your company’s needs, effective solutions may include DOT safety audit compliance assistance, bolstered worker training, and necessary machine upgrades, among other environmental health and safety (EHS) audit assistance.

Get the Comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Audit Your Business Needs

At Safe T Professionals, it’s in our name – you can get the safety audit and inspection your business needs. We provide modern technology and hold years of expertise on the workplace safety front. You can rely on us entirely for a comprehensive safety audit. Contact us today for a safety audit.

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