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Safety Staffing

Safety is one of the most important components of any workplace. Every one of your employees wants and deserves to work in a safe place, and they, therefore, feel adequately protected. If you are a business owner, then one of the aspects to consider while running your business includes OSHA. OSHA is all about your employee safety and understanding the many regulations and stipulations they have in place can be daunting. It requires your company to create and implement site-specific safety plans to prevent spills, ensure training, hazardous waste handling, as well as environmental contamination contingencies.

Accidents such as falls and electrocution, third party property damage, and worker’s compensation often have severe impacts on any company, which is why you should avoid them at all costs.

Leave Employee Safety to Professional Safety Staffing Companies

Safety is an important issue for every business owner. Our company, Safe T Professionals, focuses exclusively on workplace safety and is the company you can rely on to help with any short, or long-term project you may have. We have years of experience in safety staffing as well as a qualified team ready to match the best possible candidates with the kind of project your company intends to get started on. Your success is our success, and we go all the way to ensure we deliver the best talent for your temporary or permanent job requirements.

Reasons why you need to leave your safety staffing needs to us:

We thoroughly evaluate the potential employees

Often, hiring a group of temporary employees can be the best approach to handling a short-term project. You can also bring them on board for a short while to test their abilities and expertise before hiring them on a full-term basis. Other firms prefer to repeatedly hire a temporary professional who has proven themself over time as required. All these options allow your company to benefit from temporary employees.

Still, often you are faced with the commitment of having to seek, interview, appraise, or even let go of such an employee. By hiring us, you eliminate all this work, as all you have to do is describe your project to us, and we will do all the looking, evaluating, interviewing, and replacement.

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We Save You Time

Finding a team of qualified safety workers can take you weeks of looking, sifting through resumes, and appraising. By hiring us, we become the intermediary between you and your competent safety staff. We will bear the financial and cost burden of screening, testing, and recommending workers for you, while using rigorous testing techniques to ensure that you get the best staff for your project. What’s more, you do not want to spend three weeks looking for people to handle a one-month project for you, as that will be a lot of time wasted. Safety staffing companies like ours already have a database of reliable staff that you can count on.

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Our Company will save you money

In addition to finding the best safety staff for you, we as their employers handle the payroll, tax remittances, insurance, and all other essential employee benefits. The cost of handling insurance and other allied benefits for employees working in potentially harmful environments can be hefty, as will the cost of payroll management for a new staff that may not be with your company for long. Hiring safety staffing agencies will ensure that you get a temporary team, at a competitive rate. We provide excellent compensation and benefits for our employees to ensure they have the motivation to work hard and provide you with remarkable results regardless of the length of your project.

By eliminating the burden of looking for qualified personnel, we also eliminate the hassle and money it would have taken to advertise the vacancies on print media or online job platforms.

We Specialize fully in safety staffing

Safety, unlike other functions in your business, is a much more complicated and dangerous area, which, if handled wrongly, can lead to disaster. Our safety staffing company focuses 100% on safety to ensure that we spend all our training, evaluation, and appraisal efforts on safety and OSHA. Being a safety specialty staffing company has made us better and more efficient at handling safety-related issues to ensure only the best safety employees handle your projects. This way, you do not have to worry that anything will go wrong, or that the staff we provide has little knowledge of workplace safety.

We train our staff in workplace safety

Workplace safety and OHSA requirements are constantly changing and being updated. Even without the updates, all staff will require mandatory training on workplace safety, especially if you will require them for construction, electricity or plumbing installations, industrial work, or any other form of work that is inherently dangerous. We train our employees on all important aspects of safety, how to adhere to them, why it is so important, how to use personal protective equipment, and basic first aid. With this essential and routine training, your chances of getting a safety-ready employee are improved.

You and Your team will focus on running your business

As a business owner, you have millions of things to handle, ranging from marketing to managing your internal staff, product quality and distribution, logistics, and so much more. You should not have to add one more item to your already full plate if you have an essential short-term project coming up. Safety recruiting companies like ours are experts in temporary staffing, and by delegating the task of finding qualified personnel for your project, you can handle the more pressing issues in your business. Moreover, taking on the task of finding people for your project will bog down your already overwhelmed staff, increasing the chances of getting the wrong fit or unqualified people.

Increased productivity

When companies have short-term projects, they make the wrong decision to delegate it to a portion of their staff that may have a few of the qualifications required. This is often risky, especially when the project involves high-risk work. By delegating this work to your internal staff, you are only adding to their workload, thus reducing their morale or performance in other areas. Even if you gave them additional compensation, they could not make up for the exhaustion and stress from the additional workload.

The best way to avoid both the hassle of getting temporary employees by yourself or dumping the new workload on your internal staff is to hire a temporary safety staffing company. We will quickly pool and send a qualified team of professionals to your company at a competitive cost, thus eliminating both evils. We do not have to hire new staff for every temporary safety job, as we already have staff ready that we can send to you in a day or two, or even hours in some cases. By giving these additional responsibilities to our qualified staff, you keep the productivity of your internal staff high, while improving the workmanship on your new temporary project.

The Services offered by safe T Professionals:

Access to the best safety professional when you need them

Our safety staffing services will provide you with an excellent safety team for your worksite or project. We offer our clients the experienced professionals they will require for their projects for as long as they need while administering all benefits, compensation, and taxes. Whether you need to add more workforce to supplement your internal staff or get a standalone group for safety, then our services will suit you well. Our biggest clients include:

Long-term and short-term staff

Whether your company requires a safety team for short-term or long-term construction or maintenance projects, we have everything you will require. We have quick turnaround times to find experts that fit your exact need, industry, and specific project. Among the many industries from which our employees reside, include:

Uninterrupted Service

In case anyone on our staff is no longer available to work due to illness, maternity leave, or any other problem, we will send someone as qualified and ready to take their place to ensure your project does not slowdown in any way.

Personnel Management and appraisal

The staff we provide you with will be trained on best safety practices and OSHA requirements, as well as other necessary and valuable training as we deem fit to improve their capacity to deliver quality services. Our construction safety staffing firm will also manage and monitor their performance on the jobsite, working with you as our partner to ensure that you continuously get the best of what our staff has to offer. If your company is interested in getting a professional, well-trained, and experienced team of safety employees, contact us today.