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Workplace safety should be at the top of your priorities as a business owner or human resources manager. Often, the issue of workplace safety gets buried under other responsibilities and urgencies, leading to workplace stress, low productivity, and the one major accident that may throw your company off its axis for an untold period.

Occupational safety and health is just as important as any other campaign you are using to promote your company, as incidents involving your staff rarely ever go well with customers and regulatory agencies.

Once an accident has occurred and someone has lost their life or is severely disabled, there is no going back. A proactive approach is better than a reactive one, which is why obtaining the services of a qualified occupational health and safety consultant is the better option for you. Such a firm specializes in occupational health and safety, and with years of experience and knowledge in the industry, they are better qualified to tell you what will work and what will not. 

By outsourcing your OSH function, you will be able to focus on all the other aspects of running your business. You will also motivate your employees by going beyond the usual bare minimum. You will obtain critical safety services such as fire safety services at a cost-effective rate. 

Our safety services company, Safe T Professionals, has a bundle of technical safety services that you can use to take employee safety to the next level. At a competitive price, you will be able to eliminate the severe financial and reputation risks associated with the lack of a robust occupational health and safety strategy. We offer our clients a wide range of safety services, including:

Safety Strategy Development

Safety, just like any other major undertaking in business, cannot be successful without a comprehensive plan, which is why we help our clients come up with an actionable and useful safety strategy. Such a plan will include emergency action protocols, PPE hazard assessments, electrical work safety practices, respiratory protection, and protection from chemical spills and falling objects. This plan will be made specifically for your business to ensure it takes into account the unique hazards your worksite brings about. 

It will also include safety rules, policies for safety training and audits, and procedures for reporting and investigating any incidents. With this safety plan, you will come off as a better client to insurance firms and will be the first step towards OSHA compliance.

Safety Audits

Another vital part of OSH and safety facility services is regular and documented safety audits. These audits will quickly identify and resolve potentially dangerous situations and protect you from potential OSHA citations. These audits will also protect you from liability arising from employee misconduct. Our safety audit methodology is comprehensive and robust to ensure a more proactive approach to workplace accident handling.

OSHA Compliance Assistance

Your company must take OSHA inspections seriously, as failure will mean hefty penalties and citations, which is the last thing you want. We provide our clients with knowledge and tips on the rights you as the premises owner have, what the process will entail, and how to reduce compliance liabilities.

As a more proactive approach, we also strive to ensure that your company processes and equipment adhere to OSHA rules and assist you through the inspection process. After the inspection, our consultants will guide you in implementing the required remedies and participating in any follow-up proceedings on your behalf.

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Safety Management

As a manager, you may lack the resources to hire a full-time occupational health and safety officer to oversee the implementation of your safety plan. Often, you may hire one, but provide them with additional tasks to justify their position in your business. A better approach to safety management would be to hire a professional safety consultant for either daily or limited basis engagement. 

Our firm can become the safety director you require to implement and oversee the use of the safety plan in your company, as well as evaluate and remedy any errors and misconduct.

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Safety Staffing

A better approach to occupational health and safety on a larger scale project such as construction would be to hire an entire team of safety professionals. This team will use its expertise to train your staff on the importance of safety, craft reliable and actionable safety procedures and protocols, and investigate any incidents.  

Our firm provides highly qualified and vetted construction safety services professionals and delivers them to your premises at your convenience. This way, you save costs and time in advertising the positions and the entire hiring process.

Industrial Hygiene

If you are in construction, manufacturing, or extraction, your industrial processes must consume tons of chemicals and other substances as raw materials, not to mention high noise levels, temperature extremes, and the risk of spills and falls.

Industrial hygiene is all about fire and safety services and measuring the level of exposure to employees in the mentioned industrial processes and taking measures to reduce it to OSHA’s permissible limits.

Custom Safety Training Programs

Safe T Professionals provides its clients’ employees with both general and more specialized training. We also offer specific programs to supervisors and department managers to help them promote the safety agenda effectively.  

Training is essential for employees to handle any safety-related incident as indicated in the procedures and for managers as well to understand OSHA’s stringent occupational health and safety measures. Custom training programs will ensure that the information imparted is relevant and useful for your premises.

Transportation Safety Program

If your company specializes more in transport, and you own a large fleet of vehicles, you, your employees, and vehicles are exposed to huge risks every day, which can have disastrous impacts on your reputation and employee wellbeing. As a trucking company, you also have to contend with more frequent inspections and maintaining a high Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score for marketability and cost-effectiveness.

Our company provides expert guidance to reduce risks so that your CMS score remains as optimal as possible. Our services include driver training, DOT compliance assistance, and processing of data from installed telematics and camera devices.

Safety Services

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