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Substation Safety

Substations enable the widespread utilization of electric power at home, health care sectors, workplaces and more. The size of the entities that substations serve determines their sizes. However, there is another the reason we invest many of our valuable resources in training our experts about this critical electric supply system.

We are interested in enhancing substation safety by mitigating the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields that the substations produce.

Electromagnetic Fields

There are two types of these fields, and both of them have an adverse health impact. Our safety professionals use the most advanced tools to detect the exact conditions that expose specific businesses and individuals to the hazards.

1. Electric Fields

These fields originate from the equipment in the substation. However, since all building materials have the potential to screen the lethal electric force, they are unlikely to affect the housing of the equipment, which makes it relatively easy to manage.

2. Magnetic Fields

As people use electricity, the flow of current creates magnetic fields. The current travels through walls and almost all the other building structures. For this reason, there is virtually no practical way of stopping magnetic fields from forming.

Health Issues

From this explanation, we trust you can see the reason we are concerned about electrical substation safety. While electrical energy is a valuable resource, it exposes humans, animals, plants and the entire ecosystem to many severe dangers. Some of the health issues that substations cause are:

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Ensuring Substation Safety

There are a few basic ways we can ensure substation safety or minimize the adverse effects.

1. Clearance

Since exposure to parts of some electric equipment can cause health problems, we train people to avoid coming into contact with them. Whenever that cannot be achieved, employers can seek professional help to store the parts in enclosed facilities safely.

2. Illumination

We also require heavy industrial personnel to get adequate illumination whenever they are in the workplace. This simple tactic can have a significant impact as it enables these workers to see their environment clearly and perform all their work safely. The different groups of personnel in the industry require levels of illuminations, as provided in the substation safety inspection checklist.

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3. Evacuation Routes

Given that accidents can occur at any time, we help employers to design and mark evacuation routes. We advise that the routes be free from any obstructions. Depending on our comprehensive risk analysis reports, we can determine the legally required number of evacuation routes for every building, which you need to protect your personnel in the event of equipment fault, fires and the like.

Substation Safety Audit

The above is not an exhaustive list of remedies for substation hazards. The best way to know your exact needs and the efficient mitigating measures is to conduct a substation safety audit.

Our well-trained professionals here at Safe T Professionals can visit your site and carry out a site audit as per OSHA standards. From the outcome, we design the appropriate electrical substation safety training that caters to the needs of your staff. We’ll make plenty of other recommendations for proper electrical safety as we go as well.