In fact, nearly 40 percent of all injuries attributed to manual workshop tools in the US involve
knives with retractable blades.

Many accidents involving utility knives occur for the following reasons:

  • Drawing the knife towards you instead of away from your body.
  •  Working with a dull blade. (Dull blades require more pressure, increasing the potential
    for injury.)
  •  Trying to cut more than the knife can handle.
  •  Improperly storing the knife with the blade extended.
  •  Failing to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Neglecting to inspect the tool before use.

The following are safety precautions to keep in mind when using utility knives:

  •  Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes in case a blade breaks.
  •  Always use a sharp blade. They are safer than a dull blade.
  •  Wear cut resistant gloves and sleeves (at least Level 3) to protect your hands and arms.
  •  Hand a utility knife to a co-worker with the handle first.
  •  Ensure the blades are properly positioned in the handle before use.
  •  Keep extremities out of the cutting path.
  •  Don’t apply too much pressure on the blade.
  •  Follow manufacturer’s instructions when changing blades.
  •  Dispose of dull or broken blades in a puncture-resistant container.

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